LiteZilla Founder, Adam Greenspan

During a weekend-long rainstorm in 2014, Adam Butlein Greenspan was desperate to entertain his young daughter.

Every book had been read; every toy had been played with; and turning on the television felt like defeat.

In his basement, Adam found his old photography light-box from college. He dusted it off and turned it on. His daughter was immediately captivated and began searching the house for translucent objects to place on the illuminated surface.

This was more than a rainy day win for the delighted father—it was a life-changing opportunity.

“Seeing her face light up with joy and wonder as she would place new items on the lightbox made me think… I’ve got to make this thing bigger!”

The next day, Adam braved the downpour to procure some materials from local hardware and plastics stores. When he was finished, his wife posted photos of the modest prototype on social media and it went viral within minutes – countless likes, shares, and comments flooded in and his life changed forever.

What followed was 10 grueling months of research and development with the help of accomplished electrical engineers, furniture makers, lighting experts, medical professionals, educators, and carpenters—all culminating in a larger than life, market-ready product.

Requests immediately began to fly in organically for our custom and pre-built units. We were fulfilling orders for hotels, museums, medical spaces and waiting rooms, retail and commercial environments, science centers, dental offices, libraries, multi-family residential developments, and even pop-up marketing events!

Locations all over the world were now illuminated with the colorful magic of LiteZilla. To support the growing number of requests for a LiteZilla designed (and priced) for residential use, in late 2020 we released the LiteZilla Mini. We continue to innovate and inspire each and every day. The rest is history and the future is looking bright!