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LiteZilla Mini

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The interactive LiteZilla MINI is perfect for all ages.It can be used tabletop or mounted on a wall and it is available in light wood or dark wood. The MINI comes ready-to-play with a complete set of our signature LitePins flame polished to perfection. Get yours today and express yourself in color.


LiteZilla Mini is also sold in a 4 pack bundle deal. These unique units are able to connect to form a larger LiteZilla surface.

LiteZilla Mini Accessories

50 pcs

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Recent Reviews

The LiteZilla Mini is an awesome mix of color and fun.

Kirstin Everton

Our daughter is on the spectrum, LiteZilla Mini has been a godsend.

Mike Stevenson

Great for fun or for decorating your home. Lights up brilliantly!

Andy Guscott

Great accompaniment to our downstairs play area!

Jane Biter

Superbly crafted, the frame is beautiful, almost hand crafted.

Loyd Washington

The Mini was such a hit in our class, we now own two!

Brigit Scott
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