LiteZilla 32″ x 32″ Light Wall

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Step into the world of LiteZilla—an iconic sensory light wall transforming spaces into vibrant canvases. Its large-scale backlit grid lets users of all ages craft vivid art displays using 11 translucent LitePins. LiteZilla simplifies building and illuminating designs, messages, and patterns. From personalized pictures to messages, it fosters creativity in any environment, blending nostalgia with modern elegance. Customize LiteZilla with various sizes, frames, and logos for a personalized touch. It turns spaces into vibrant realms where creativity shines, illuminating every moment with endless possibilities.

More is Better: Includes enough LitePins for every hole in the grid, plus a bunch of extras in a perfect mix of: Candy Red, Neon Yellow, Tangerine Orange, Emerald Green, Jade Green, Sea Blue, Aqua Blue, Violet Purple, Fuchsia Pink, Hot Pink, and Opaque Black

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Rob S | Owner JoJo's Milk Bar

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