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Read what people have to say about LiteZilla in their hotel.

Amazing trip. The hotel i stayed in featured a LiteZilla in their main lobby. It drew a crowd of interested people, some of which were not even staying in the hotel itself, they had just stumbled in off the street to see what all the glow was about.

Kirstin W. Everton

Student, World Traveler

We are always looking for a new way to entertain our guests and foster community at our hotels. LiteZilla is eye-catching, interactive, accessible, and fun. Guests of all ages are drawn in by the bright colors and always leave amazing creations.

Norah Shimer

Project Designer, Pacifica Hotels

LiteZilla changed the way we do business in our industry. We run a chain of small hotels and we were looking for a way to stand out in our neighboorhood. Since we incorporated our LiteZilla, we get numerous calls daily of people asking – “Are you the hotel with the Giant Lite Brite?”

Jack Thompson

VP of Customer Experiences, Ocean Breeze Hotels

LiteZilla for Hospitality

Enhance the guest experience by illuminating spaces both large and small, while at the same time encouraging guests to use all of the accommodations your property has to offer.  LiteZilla makes your hotel unforgettable, inspiring guests to take photos, write positive reviews and keeps guests coming back for more. They will be entertained and engaged while they wait for their room, a table, or a staff member to become available.

By creating impactful, memorable impressions for guests of all ages, you can transform your lobby, event space, restaurant, or bar with this brilliant illuminated masterpiece.

Transform Your Venue Into AMAZING

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