The LiteZilla grid and frame is constructed from medical-grade high-density polyethylene (HDPE).  Select units and our MINI can be built with a finished wood exterior.

There are no internal moving parts and no flaps over the grid holes making LiteZillas distinctly durable and virtually maintenance-free.


Each LiteZilla features illuminated storage cubbies at the bottom of the unit for easy access and storage of the LitePins.

Premium LED backlights and bin lights are used in all LiteZilla units.  They are engineered for use not only in bright rooms and outdoors, but also in dimly lit spaces.  Our lighting manufacturing partner holds multiple patents for their LED technology and has been selected as the flagship provider for LED products used in government facilities, commercial properties, and retail locations across the globe.

All of the LiteZilla electrical components are UL Recognized and tested thoroughly before shipping.  LiteZillas plug into a standard 110V electrical outlet and draw between 2A-18A (depending on size).  Units can also be hardwired upon request.

International Orders will be built with power components to comply with local standards.

A non-dimming on/off decora-style light switch is built into the right side of the frame of our standard units.  Lights can be dimmable upon request.

Power supplies are safely and conveniently located in the power cubby.  The cubby has been designed to fit over the  electrical outlet that will power the LiteZilla.

Each LiteZilla arrives with a set of colorful translucent LitePins in every color of the rainbow! They are engineered to fit comfortably into the board’s holes and illuminate instantly when inserted.

Standard LitePins are 4” long x 1” in diameter. Mini LitePins are 2.25” long x 1” in diameter. LitePins are not affected by sunlight, moisture, or heat. After each LitePin is cut to length, our finishing process includes a polishing procedure to create a smooth end with no sharp edges and to ensure they produce the brightest color transmission possible.

Our LitePins have been tested and cleared for choking safety by a licensed pediatrician as well as the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Small Objects Tester.


To extend the life and brilliance of your LiteZilla, while maintaining excellent sanitary standards, we recommend cleaning the product regularly.


Our acrylic LitePins are not affected by sunlight, moisture, or heat and are proven to be 10x stronger than glass. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipes and are 100% dishwasher safe. In fact, our Sanitation Basket offers an effortless way to make sure your LitePins are always bright and spotless.

When using chemical cleaning products, we recommend a lower-ratio concentration of 15% dilution or less. Please be aware that some cleaning agents may leave a film or residue. 

Soap and water is our preferred method—and much safer for little ones.

Be sure LitePins are completely dry before inserting them back into the grid unit.


The LiteZilla unit can be cleaned with non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner or disinfectant wipes and dried with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.

Canned air is also an effective means of clearing your grid, vents, and cubbies of dust. Be sure the can is always upright before spraying.

Click here for LitePin Sanitation Basket

Our shipping department handles all the logistics of getting your LiteZilla from our workshop to your front door.

Your new LiteZilla unit will arrive fully-assembled, safely packed in a wooden crate, with all hardware required for installation. The courier can deliver to a loading dock if one is available. Otherwise, our standard delivery service includes delivery to the exterior of the building.

White-glove shipping can be added to select orders.


We are experts in freight, custom brokerage, export, and compliance—allowing us to ship virtually anywhere in the world. Delivery times vary depending on location and crate size.

Crate unpacking, interior transport, installation, and shipping material disposal are the sole responsibilities of the customer.  Installation services are NOT included.

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