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Logo Tops

Interested in adding your logo? We’ve got you covered!
LiteZilla offers the unique ability to showcase your branding on top of the frame by adding a logo top – showcasing your name in lights and associating your company with all the fun! The logo top is a header that is built right on top of your LiteZilla. The front panel is custom drilled with holes to create the shape of your logo or message. The LitePins are then permanently set in those holes creating a glowing sign right on top of your unit! The Logo top will turn on and off with your LiteZilla so every time someone takes a picture of the LiteZilla, your name will be front and center!

Interested in adding your logo? We’ve got you covered!

Edged Acrylic Top

Want to get really funky?  Check out what we can do with colored acrylic.  Our laser cut acrylic designs will add layered, sculptural elements that are edge-lit and amazing to the top or sides of your LiteZilla.

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Ask us about custom engraving on your LitePins

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How to get started

Each LiteZilla unit can be meticulously customized to match the aesthetic, design, and architectural impact our clients are looking to achieve. From custom stains, frame finishes, different sizes and shapes, units can proudly showcase your interior design goals.

In addition, LiteZilla units can be modified to accommodate those with physical or developmental limitations, as well as neuro and sensory differences. We ultimately aim to increase access, safety, comfort, accessibility, and social participation through all of our offerings.

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