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LiteZilla inspires everybody’s creative side while illuminating any space with brilliant color and impactful design!

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With installations all around the world, LiteZilla is a global leader in building connections between customers and brands. LiteZilla also helps make waiting rooms more fun and amplifies sensory play. It leaves an unforgettable memory that brings joy, encourages social sharing, and sparks innovation.

Size        Purchase Price

4’ wide x 5’ tall $10,999 + $650 shipping

6’ wide x 5’ tall $13,499 + $650 shipping

8’ wide x 5’ tall $15,999 + $850 shipping 

8’ wide x 6’ tall $18,499 + $850 shipping

12’ wide x 6’ tall $28,999 + $1150 shipping

16’ wide x 7’ tall $42,999 + shipping tbd by location

Design Options

The front grid of each unit is made from super durable surgical-grade HDPE. The frame can be made from HDPE or  hardwood stained the color of your choice

WALL MOUNTED: Single or Dual Sided

MOBILE: Single or Dual Sided

FREE-STANDING: 3-5 sided

Logo Top: Add your name in Lites!

Our Illumineers will build your LiteZilla with a header featuring your logo or design.  We cut the holes in your custom pattern and permanently install the LitePins. 

Send us your desired logo or design.

Our design team will provide a mock-up for your review and approval.

Your LiteZilla will be built with a custom top proudly showcasing your design.

Price: $3,600

Need something custom?  

Our consultative process ensures that each client gets the LiteZilla that aligns with their vision!  We are happy to accommodate any size request.

Looking for something BIGGER?

Ask us about our 20’ long x 8’ tall CrownZilla that arrives in a shipping container!

Rental Fleet:

Size Frame Sides
8 wide x 6 tall Black Single
8 wide x 6 tall Walnut Single
6.5 wide x 6.5 tall Black Single
6.5 wide x 6.5 tall Black Double


Single Sided Dual Sided
$2,400/day + round trip shipping $3,000/day + round trip shipping
$4,800/ week + round trip shipping $6,000/day + round trip shipping

Rental Enhancements

Logo Top:

Add a logo top to a rental unit:  $1,650



A LiteZilla design expert specializing in:

– Consultation in the purchase, build, and design of the LiteZilla line of products
– The development and delivery of product renders, project drawings, and LiteZilla-related specification documents
– Attending to a LiteZilla installment with design on the LiteZilla grid using LiteZilla’s famous LitePins


8am-2pm or 12pm-6pm


$1,800 staff member

$800 air/car

(1) night of lodging (3 stars +)


Standard LitePins are 4” long x 1” in diameter.  After each LitePin is cut to length, our finishing process includes a polishing process to ensure a smooth end with no sharp edges.  Lite Pins 

LitePins are not affected by sunlight, moisture, or heat.  They have a transparency rate of 93%, making them the clearest material known.  They boast a strength that is 10X stronger than glass.

LitePins can be also be  purchased separately:
$550/Pack of (100)  – for current or past customers
$750/Pack of (100)  – for non-customers


LitePins  should be  used over a  soft surface.   If LitePins are dropped  over a hard surface (like tile or stone), over time, the edges of the ends will feel coarse and will develop small chips in them.  If the flooring is hard, we recommend that a runner or soft mat is placed below the LiteZilla. If the flooring is hard, we recommend that a runner or soft mat is placed below the LiteZilla. 


LitePins come in every color of the rainbow, plus pinks and neon options.  Need more of a certain color? Let us know! We are happy to accommodate specific color requests.


Our standard length LitePins  have been cleared by a licensed pediatrician as non-choking hazards.  Additionally, they have been tested using the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC), Small Objects Tester and pass all requirements for choking safety.  To avoid injuries and maintain a safe environment, the LitePins should not be used in any other way other than their intended purpose.

The  LiteZilla  HDPE front grid is surgical grade plastic and the frame is made from HDPE or wood.  When the frame is wood, we coat the wood in a 2-part catalyzed urethane for increased durability and longevity.  Both the grid and frame (HDPE or wood) can both be cleaned with medical-grade cleaners without any concern of impacting the integrity of the materials.

FOR LIGHT CLEANING: Use a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt
FOR DEEPER SANITATION:  Use a medical-grade disinfectant wipe and clean the front grid, frame, and LitePin bins.

FOR LIGHT CLEANING:  Wipe the LitePins with a sanitizing wipe.

  1. Prepare a solution of dish soap, water, and bleach.  Soak the LitePins in the solution. Use a rag to wipe them down. Remove and place them on a clean towel to dry.
  2. Place the LitePins in a dishwasher.   Using a flatware tray in a commercial dishwasher is ideal. If the dishwasher is a residential model,  be sure to place the rods in a dishwasher safe basket or bag, and run the cycle on a high-heat setting

The LiteZilla comes with a standard American power plug that plugs into a standard 110V outlet.  Units can be hardwired upon request. There is a non-dimming decora-style lightswitch built into the right side of the frame.  Units can be dimmable upon request.

The LiteZilla lights, power supplies, and electrical components are UL Listed.

LiteZillas feature energy-saving custom-built LED lights.  Our LEDs boast a 70,000 hour lifespan (compared to 50,000 for most), meaning under normal conditions they will last for 16-20 years!

We source them from a Canadian-based company who manufactures LEDs for government locations and retail environments around the world.  

LiteZillas LED diodes are redundantly installed making LiteZillas even more reliable and durable.  

We provide detailed product and installation documentation with all of our units. In the event support is needed, feel free to reach out!  We are here to help!

Our shipping department handles all of the shipping logistics to safely get your LiteZilla from our magic workshop to your door! 

With specialists in logistics, custom brokerage, export and compliance, we have the knowledge and experience to offer shipping services worldwide.

LiteZillas arrive fully-assembled with all hardware required for installation. Most units can be installed in less than 1 hour! 

Shipping Weights (LiteZIllas ship in custom wooden crates): 

4×5 Unit: 1 crate: 55.5″L x 32″W x 70″T – ~490lbs

6×5 Unit: 1 crate: 79.5″L x 32″W x 70″T – ~732lbs

8×5 Unit: 1 crate: 103.5″L x 32″W x 70″T – ~834lbs

8×6 Unit: 1 crate: 103.5″L x 32″W x 82″T – ~954lbs


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