This was installed at one of our public library branches in January and it became an instant hit with families of all ages. From across the library, the lights draw you in and I’ve seen people of all ages enjoying it. 

Jamie Fong • Arizona

Our students LOVE our Litezilla! This company was awesome to work with and they created a custom product that has had a significant impact on our school! The quality is amazing and we know it will hold up for many years to come!

Lisa • New York

This company has been amazing to work with. We are a smaller rural school district with limited access to museums or other educational places to explore. 

Jamie • Paris

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“I ordered one for our new pediatric dentistry office in Portage Michigan and it has been such a hit with the kids and their parents! You will not regret the decision to have a LiteZilla.”

Jody Wrathall • Portage Pediatic Dentistry