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Born in a basement, LiteZilla is play through touch

Adam Butlein has used the facilities at Jonco Industries in Milwaukee to assemble LiteZilla. Here, he melts the edges of “LitePins” shipped from China, to make them child safe. Photo by Rob Golub.

Adam Butlein of Cedarburg has invented something wholesome, a toy that’s bigger than your kids, brighter than a rainbow.

A LiteZilla – a mammoth board with holes for colorful “LitePins” which kids (or playful adults) can move around to create giant designs in doctors waiting rooms or anywhere – is exceedingly tactile.

People tell Butlein to combine his invention with tech. He refuses. He’s proud that his product has seen success with people who are autistic; that he’s donated LiteZillas, including one to a pediatric oncology waiting room; that it’s not a video game.

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